Do you dream of visiting or returning to the Windy City? The city that gave us Obama and… Al Capone? The new Midtown complex and its high-end boutique hotel are ready to give you a warm welcome worthy of your status as a member. Stay in one of our 55 luxurious rooms featuring contemporary design elements, take in the breathtaking view of Bucktown, and enjoy unlimited access to the Midtown Athletic Club. It’s the perfect opportunity to quench your thirst for adventure without sacrificing your healthy habits.


Whether you’re in Chicago for business or pleasure, the Jewel of the Midwest has a lot to offer. Known for its rich history, great museums, magnificent Lake Michigan, vibrant neighborhoods and world-famous restaurants, Chicago has a certain je ne sais quoi that sets it apart from other major American cities. During your stay at the Hotel at Midtown, be sure to ask your concierge about the best places to visit and get a local’s take on the city.


The Hotel at Midtown offers a variety of top-quality services, including a restaurant, juice bar, spa and pool, as well as a fully equipped fitness center, of course. It is bordered by Chicago’s Bucktown, Logan Square and Lincoln Park neighborhoods, in an area we proudly refer to as the Midtown Neighborhood. The Hotel at Midtown is therefore the ideal departure point to explore Chicago’s restaurants, attractions and culture.


As a Midtown member, you are entitled to 20% off on all your stays at the hotel.  What’s more, members don’t have to pay the $25 visitors’ tax. Even your friends and family members can enjoy a 10% discount when they stay at the hotel.

Bon voyage!