Written by Conrad Navarro, Copywriter Extraordinaire and EBF enthusiast.
They say fighting doesn’t solve anything. They’re wrong.
Everybody has fight in them, and it’s time to unleash yours in EverybodyFights, a boutique boxing studio created by professional boxer George Foreman III. With a perfect 16 – 0 record under his belt, George pivoted from his boxing career to craft this unique studio with unbeatable workouts.
His goal? To make you the best fighter you can be—in the ring and in life.
In EBF, coaches will guide you as you lay into the bags with combos and flurries inspired by boxing matches, as well as bodyweight and floor exercises modeled after the routines of actual prizefighters.
Looking to strengthen the fighter at your core? Jump into BAGSxCORE for a workout like nothing else. You won’t be taking any punches in EBF, but if you did, your core could take anything.
Maybe you want to treat yourself to a full body workout? Step into BAGSxBODY and let loose on the bags and hit the floors like you’re training to take on George Foreman himself. Although, we wouldn’t recommend doing that. Yet.
Whichever class you choose, you’re in for 10 rounds of fights, fitness, and a killer soundtrack. And, we’ll have more classes coming in time, so keep an eye on the group fitness schedule.
This is a match you won’t want to miss. All you’ll need to bring is gloves and wraps. First time fighter? We’ll have gloves and wraps available for sale in The Shop so you can gear up for the fight. 
And, speaking from personal experience, Samadhi isn’t the only studio that’ll leave you feeling tranquil. It turns out 45 minutes of outward ferocity is one of the keys to inner peace.