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Keep Up With Us

With the opening of the new Midtown, we're excited to share all the boutique studio spaces we've designed for you. Practice your yoga. Take a HIIT fitness class. Learn to box. Relax at the spa. Enjoy a delicious meal. How about all of the above? We're your fitness oasis. 

Get Ready to Ride

At Midtown’s Ride, every ride is different. Enjoy a long, winding journey. Power through a short sprint. Turn your bike into a dance floor. There are lots of way to ride, and they’re all at Midtown.

Forget Can. You Will.

The Field is where athletes go to make their mark. It is a proving ground. A blank canvas, ready to be painted with sweat. The Field is raw, the pinnacle of functional, athletic training; with movements as old as time and cutting edge technologies to maximize effort. This is The Field at Midtown. Take it.

Start Your Fight

Welcome to The BOX by EverybodyFights®. Composed of two classrooms: BAGS (boxing) and FIGHT (technique). Train like a fighter in a group class environment. Whatever your experience level, there’s a class that fits your needs and a certified trainer who’s here to support your fight.

Mind & Body, With a Whole Lot of Soul

In traditional yoga, there is one final goal: achieve Samadhi. It is a state of great focus and concentration where mind and body become one. Because of this, Samadhi means different things for different people. Samadhi Studio at Midtown captures this spirit with a wide selection of classes that cater to all levels of experience.

Relax From Head to Toe Nails

Our spa is luxurious and robust, earthy and natural, and most of all, relaxing and rejuvenating. After a hard workout or a tough tennis match, you’ve earned some time at The Spa.