Billing FAQ

Your membership rate will be set at the same price that you had pre-shutdown.
We will not charge you for the first fifteen days that we are open. If we open at the start of a month, we will only bill you for half a month of dues.
Yes, we will offer a complimentary hold for two additional months. Just let us know when you want to come back and we will re-activate your membership. Please let us know if you want to take up this option. Your dues credit will be applied when you return.
Yes, you can downgrade. Once Kidtown re-opens you can just let us know when you want to upgrade again to make use of the kid’s facilities.
I’m sorry but we are not refunding dues credits. The club is open for you to use for two weeks which would have been the case prior to shut down as well.

You will receive a credit for all services that you paid for in advance that were not completed. Your credit will be applied to your Midtown House Account, automatically. This credit will then be applied to any purchase you make in the Club or will be applied to your monthly dues billing. 

Yes, we will process a refund once we re-open and are operating with a full business office team.